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3 Winter Essentials You Need In Your Car! ☃️

7th October 2017
Posted by: George Grashion

Winter is the worst time of the year you’ll start to see problems with your car or just struggle with the effects of the weather, so you’ll need to be prepared for any situation. We at Grashion Automotive have picked out some of the most common problems that you as the driver will face during the winter and how keeping a few low cost items in your boot might just save you this winter! ☃️

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De-Icer/Windscreen Scraper

The only thing your Westlife CD case has every been good for is removing the ice off you windscreen, but you know it would be so much easier to just buy a scraper from your local supermarket for a couple of pounds. It saves crucial minutes in the morning, especially if your running late to work or hit unexpected traffic on the way. Whilst you’re there, get yourself some de-icer to keep in the car, saves you having to go back into the house to get a glass of water which is no where near as effective.

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Jump-Start Pack

It’s an essential for all year round really but especially important during the winter. If you don’t know what these are, basically if your battery on your car dies you can’t turn your car on. Your battery can die for a number of reasons, leaving a light/radio on in the car whilst parked up also the weather can cool the battery which drains the power from it. If this happens you can connect the cables below from your battery to another cars battery which will enable your car to turn on, just make sure red is connected to positive and black is connected to negative. You will need to take your car for a long drive which will re-charge the battery, if it does the same again the next time you go to turn it on you’re going to need a new battery fitted.



Your can can break down any time of the year, but if it does while your out on the roads during the winter you’ll have to stand outside your car until help arrives for your own safety. In the summer this wouldn’t be a problem, in fact you’d probably catch a tan, but in the winter your going to be extremely cold. This is why it’s best to keep a big coat in the boot just incase, and a hi-vis jacket wouldn’t go a miss either.

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