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5 Tips On Selling Your Car Privately! 🚘

29th June 2018
Posted by: George Grashion

Struggling to sell your car privately? Need a few pointers and tips? Give this a read and hopefully it might help you sell that unwanted car a little bit quicker!

Clean your Car Thoroughly Inside & Out!

Please, please, please clean your car before you try to sell it. However old or new the car is, it’s someone else’s new car. Either take it took your local car wash and get it valeted and washed or get the hoover a hose out and have a go yourself! This will make the next the step a lot easier and also make it easier for your to sell the car to the buyer.

High Quality Photography!

Now we’re not saying you need to buy a new camera, most phone camera’s are good enough quality. Instead take your car to somewhere local with a nice backdrop, a car park with fields near it usually works best. This will just make your car more visually appealing compared to the other private sellers if they’re taking there’s on the side of the curb our where other things in the image may take the attention away from the car.

A Paragraph that sells your car

Pictures are great for the visual condition of the car, but you’ll need to write a small description about the car, as much as you possibly know about it. This can include; Mileage, MOT expiry date, Service History, Number of owners, Specification e.g sat nav, bluetooth etc. and replaced parts e.g clutch, timing belt, tyres, water pump. Sell the car, you want to give people reasons to get in contact and view the car. Don’t forget to include your contact details and the price your wanting for the car. There are lots of car valuation sites that with give you a retail and part exchange price on your car, somewhere in between these two figure is where you’ll want to be pricing your car.

Where to advertise?

Autotrader is the obvious option, but this can be expensive if the car doesn’t sell quickly so you’ll want to stick the free options. Post it to your facebook and instagram, you never know one of your friends/followers might be looking for a new car or even better the car your selling, ask friends to share the post and ask around, word of mouth still works wonders no matter how good social media is. Withing facebook you’ll want to find pages such as “Used cars for sale in ‘your location‘ ” these are full of private sellers just like you, but also full of buyers looking for a car, and best of all its free! Gumtree and Ebay Motors are other options similar to Autotrader but cheaper.

Need to sell your car FAST?

You’ve had your car up for sale but can’t seem to sell it, or you can’t be bothered with the time consuming process OR you just need the money, like NOW! This is where we can help, we at Grashion Automotive buy cars for cash! All you need to do is bring your to us for valuation, and depending on the age, mileage and condition, we will give you a price. If you like what you hear the money can be transferred to your bank instantly, just make sure you bring you logbook, service history, all the keys, and any receipts/bills you might have for the car.

To contact us please call 01302 888346, we’d be happy to help!

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