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How can we help you?

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to call us on 01302 888346 or alternatively get in touch via our contact page.

Do you take part exchanges?

Yes we do. It does not matter how old or how many miles it has done, as long as it has a current MOT we welcome the opportunity to give you the best price we can for it. If you have any outstanding finance, we can sort this out for you too.

I can drive away in 1 hour? - What do you need for this?

If you are a cash customer, all we will need is payment of the balance on collection, which can be made by Switch or Visa card (2% charge for Visa transactions, Debit cards are free). If you need finance from us then it is important you bring your driving licence and a copy of a recent utility bill. This will enable us to process your finance application swiftly and give us the important proofs of identification the finance company require.

You can arrange to change over your insurance while you are with us or alternatively we can offer 5 days insurance from Aviva (a small fee is charged by Aviva for this service). Taxing of your new vehicle can now be completed instantly online on the day of collection.

What about negotiating a lower screen price for your car?

With the introduction of the internet, it is very easy now for customer to compare models and prices online at the push of a button. This has given rise to dealers having to cut prices to a minimum to ensure they get your trade. When you buy from us, you have the added benefit of our lower overheads and therefore we are able to work for less profit on each car. As a general rule of thumb the price we display on the internet is the best price we can sell the car at, however there are sometimes exceptions and making an offer does not cost either of us anything!

Are there any pitfalls buying a car online?

If you stick to the general rule of only dealing with reputable companies online and names that you know, you can normally be rest assured of a good deal and a quality back up service. Although Grashion Automotive Solutions is a new company, its directors are former main dealers with a long history, over 30 years in fact, of trading in the Doncaster area. You can be confident you will be dealing with a family business with a solid reputation for good value and a quality service throughout.

I work awkward hours or shifts, can i make an appointment to view the car at a time that suits me?

We understand everyone has a busy lifestyle these days, what with children to look after, jobs to hold down its not always easy to get time to view a car within normal working hours. Please give us a call or drop us an e mail with your requirements and we will do our very best to make an appointment that fits in with you.

What kind of backup service do you offer after i have bought from you?

All our cars are selected carefully for their previous ownership and service history. We work on the principal that we would not sell anything that we were not proud to own ourselves! All cars are HPI checked which means they all have their historys looked into, to check they do not have any finance owing or have been written off previously and put back on the road. A certificate is provided with all our cars to verify the car is ‘all clear’. All stock has service history unless otherwise stated and a minimum 3 month MOT;- meaning, apart from road tax they are ready to drive away. The warranty we offer with each car sale ensures that wether your in Lands End or John O’Groats, if there is a problem, we can sort it out for you.

Is there a warranty with your cars? Is it included in the price?

Some of our cars will have the balance of a manufacturer warranty with them, which can be transferred free of charge in nearly all cases. By law now, a car dealer must give a minimum of 1 months warranty with any used vehicle. It is our company policy, to protect your investment and our reputation, to offer, a minimum 3 month parts and labour Autoprotect Warranty with each car sold. This is not included in the selling price but is essential for your piece of mind, and then should the worst happen, you will be covered for any repairs (parts and labour) and we will still have a happy customer. We would love to be able to include this in our screen prices but almost all dealers now are having to do this as margins have been squeezed so much, the difference with ourselves is we do not see this as a profit area as some dealers do, more an insurance against the worst happening. If you think about it like your house insurance, how many times have you claimed on that? But when it is needed, its a big relief knowing you wont be hit with a massive bill. We have teamed up with one of the biggest names in the business, Autoprotect, who offer, nationwide repairs that can be carried out at a host of repair centres throughout the UK. You will be provided with a comprehensive booklet explaining the cover on your car with contact details should you need them as well as a certificate confirming registration of your policy and its duration. So no matter where you are, you can rely on us that we will be able to sort out any problem as quickly and swiftly as possible, to get you back on the road. Remember, the warranty represents a small fraction of the purchase price of your car (less than 2% in some cases).

Do you have workshops to Service or Repair my car?

Should your car require repairs inside the warranty period these will be carried out at a local garage to you, designated by the warranty company when you call – so no matter where you live you will know you have the convenience of taking your car to a local repairer – they will diagnose and repair your car whilst also dealing with the warranty company directly to authorise any repairs that might be needed.

How can I pay for my car? Do you charge for making payments by Credit Card?

We accept Debit Cards as well as Bank Transfer and good old Cash! However you should note that there are certain conditions and limits. We accept Debit Card. We do not, however, accept Credit Cards or American Express. The good news is, if you pay by bank transfer, its free! Cash for the balance payable on any car sale can be taken at our discretion up to the money laundering limit of £9995.00 as money laundering rules apply. If you are paying by personal cheque, please allow at least 3 days for this to clear, in other words please pay us for the vehicle at least 3 days prior to you wanting to take delivery of it.

I want to leave a deposit on a car? What is the minimum required to reserve it?

The minimum deposit we will accept to remove a car from sale is £300.00. This can be paid by credit or debit card if it is being done over the phone. If you were on the premises obviously payment could be made by cheque or cash also.

I want to reserve a car now but cannot get in to see you straight away? How does this work?

Many customers have bought from us over the years using just the description and photographs we have on our site. This is where an element of trust comes in, for both parties, but particularly, you the customer. We would be happy to take your deposit over the phone and hold the car for a maximum of 48 hours until you could get to view it personally. This would be also on the basis that the car was in the condition you would expect for its age and mileage and as per the description we gave it on our website. In the event we could not reach an agreement on a matter about the vehicles condition when a personal viewing was made then we would normally refund your deposit.

What about Finance? Do i need a deposit? Am I better going to my bank?

We like to think we can save you some time and money here. We have links with many lenders and are able to offer some of the best rates in the marketplace at any given time. If you bring your driving licence and a recent utility bill with you we can arrange your finance there and then, you could be driving away in 1 hour and there is a good chance we may have saved you some money on your payments too! The deposit required will usually depend on your credit status as will the APR, please ask us to give you a quotation and we will try to make it fit your own personal circumstances. You can be assured of complete confidentiality at all times.

I have had credit problems in the past? Can you help me?

Through our network of lenders we can often help with finance even if you have had a bad credit history. Often there are genuine reasons for a customer having previous credit problems. Come and talk to us over a coffee in complete confidence.

Do you have a returns policy? I've decided I don't like the car!

Many dealers advertise a 7 day Money Back Guarantee, but lets face it, its not an ideal situation and if you read the terms and conditions it is very rarely going to apply. We would like to think that we have done our job properly when we sold you the car and this would be an extreme case. If there were really genuine reasons for the car being returned we would do our best to work with you to minimise any expense for both parties and retain you as a happy customer, more often than not, trying to find you are car that you would be happy with. Certain conditions would apply and in general terms these are that, the car has not covered more than 500 miles since it was sold to you and was in the same condition that it left the premises, with all the relevant items that came with it. The warranty would be non refundable but could be able to be transferred to your next car. If you took finance there may be some early cancellation fees, if we can avoid these ourselves they will not be passed on to you.

What is included in the price of my car?

All our cars come with a full professional valet inside and out, 1 years MOT (if less than 3 months), HPI vehicle condition check and the relevant service required if it is due within 3 months.

Do you charge a fee for buying my car?

A fee of £149.00 applies to all car sales. There are concessions for repeat customers. Please see the Ts & Cs on our website which open up when hovering over the Admin Fee next to the price of each vehicle.

Do all your cars have Service History?

In most cases yes and a full Service History at that. Please refer to the vehicles description for details as it will be mentioned in this section. Some cars may have a full history, partially by franchise, partially by a non franchised dealer. Some may come with a full main dealer history and some may have a partial service history. We realise this is an important part of a decision for a customer to purchase a car so please speak to us about this on any individual car you may be interested in, and we can give you the full details if there is anything you may still be unsure of.

What is the "Car of The Week" on your Home Page?

These two cars will be being offered at a reduction on their previously advertised price. We usually have a 90 day policy on our stock, that is to say that if the car is still with us after that period we will look to sell it to make no money or in some cases even a loss to move it on. Do not worry though this car, like all our other stock has gone through the same checks and quality inspection as the others, its just not found a home yet! This Offer Price actually means your getting a bargain with the same peace of mind as well, so , go on, pick up that phone, before someone else gets it……

Can I book a test drive?

Of course! All our cars are usually ready for the road. Please call us in advance to save time upon your arrival. We can then ensure the car has fuel in it and is out of our showroom and ready to go for you. All test drives must be accompanied.

What are testimonials?

We hope your experience buying a car from us is a good one and maybe even a refreshing change, upon collection of your car, with your permission of course we would like to take a photo with your new pride and joy and maybe even a few words we can add to this about your purchase. This is available for potential purchasers to view at their leisure and see how our new customers got on with us and the buying experience at Grashion Automotive Solutions!