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Who is officially the No.1 Car Dealer In The UK 2018?

28th June 2018
Posted by: George Grashion

Buying your next car doesn’t have to be so much hassle, just read this blog to find out who the best Car Dealer in the country is…

It’s Grashion Automotive Solutions of course!

We’ve just hit our 400th review with Trustpilot! For those who don’t know what Trustpilot is, they’re an independent review website which we invite all of our customers to write about their car buying experience with us. Since doing this we have maintained a 9.8 out of 10 rating on Trustpilot. They have recently provided a leaderboard for Car Dealers who use their site, turns out we’re number one, and its not by luck! Every person who buys a car wether it be £1,000 or £50,000 we maintain the same care and value for each car that leaves the showroom. Honesty over the phone, describing our cars as accurately as possible and prepping the cars to the highest of standards with no pushy sales techniques seems to remove any negativity from your car buying experience.

What now?

Whenever you decide to change your car, we at Grashion Automotive will be sure to help you as much as we can find the right car for you with honest advice and a great choice of quality cars. Want a closer look at a car you’ve seen online, we have full HD video’s of all our stock helping you decide which car is right for you before you even arrive. We’re able to do the video’s because our cars are of such good quality that we have nothing to hide and want to help make your buying experience easier. But don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews and video’s in both links below!


Click here to view our testimonials, our past customers are our reputation.

Click here to view HD video’s of all our stock, helping you see the car up close and personal without leaving the house.


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