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What Type Of Car Would Best Suit Me?

7th June 2018
Posted by: George Grashion

Buying a car can be very daunting especially if you have very little knowledge about cars. We at Grashion Automotive Solutions have created a blog that would be useful for you to go through when picking your new car so you’re a bit more prepared when you turn up at the dealership and you should feel a bit more relaxed about the process. This checklist will make sure you know the pro’s and cons of all the different types of cars, helping you decide which one is best suited for you.

Petrol or Diesel?

Deciding whether to buy a petrol or diesel should be the first thing you do when thinking about buying  a new car. How to decide will be based on your preferences, circumstances and budget. Things you should consider when choosing are ‘what’s the fuel economy like?’ This is basically how is the car your driving effecting the world and what costs come with buying each car for example diesel cars are generally more expensive than petrol however most small cars have petrol engines to keep the prices lower. Diesels are better for fuel economy and petrols aren’t always the most fun to drive. You should also take into account the running costs of both options. This includes fuel, servicing, insurance, purchase price and depreciation. Diesel cars are usually more expensive to buy and service however this becomes less relevant the greater the size of the car. However diesels are usually cheaper to tax and insure and the more miles you cover the cheaper they will be to run over time but this takes a lot of miles, usually in the 6 figures. Your driving preferences should also help you decide, petrols are usually better for a driver who is doing lots of short trips around town and works close to home and diesels are better for those long trips on the motorway which helps the DPF filter not get clogged up.


A Sports Car? The cars you dream of having as a kid but can only afford the toy car version. These cars are usually pretty low down and have no back seats or little room in the back so not the most ideal car if you have kids. I’m sure your aware that the positive of having a sports car is that they’re super quick and very desirable. In short you need to consider whether this car is suitable for your situation with high running costs and buying cost and shortage of space in the car but the cars are very fun to drive and look very stylish.


This type of car is great if you need a lot of space, using off road, towing caravans etc and using the car for work. Having to store you work equipment in a hatchback just isn’t ideal and will soon get your car dirty. A 4X4 however will be able to handle the weight – lots of room for all of your equipment and usually has plastic interiors that are easier to clean. These cars can handle any weather including the snow. 2 child car seats can be used at ease and dogs can be taken in the vehicle and allows them to have more room usually keeping them more relaxed. Don’t forget the comfort that comes with a bigger car, bigger seats and more spacious!


If you’re looking for stylish, a coupe is probably the car for you. However if you want style you have to lose some practicality, but thats because sporty cars aren’t made to be practical. Very few cars will look as good as a coupe, bar a few convertibles. If you’re wanting to look cool and stylish and turn a few heads as you drive past people, a coupe is the car for you.


The hatchback is a practical car, rear seats that fold down allowing for more space for storage. With the practicality you don’t lose the stylish look, this is because they have a shorter rear end. They aren’t a huge car making them easy to drive and still being practical enough, also they have a good re-sale value when you come to change cars. Some do however have a lack of privacy, but we thing the advantages trump this and is a very good choice.


SPACIOUS. If you need to regularly carry things that are quite large, an estate car is ideal for you. It has the long boot like a saloon but has the addition height that the saloon doesn’t offer. The boot is also lower down allowing you to slide things in rather than life. You can sometime also lower the backseat to create even more room. More than one bike can fit into the boot, saving buying a bike rack or renting bikes at places like Centre Parcs for example, it really is a very practical car, a great alternative to a 4X4, comfortable and fun to drive without losing the luxuries within a saloon.


Saloon cars are low and long and arguably a stylish car, are usually quieter than a hatchback car and are pretty spacious inside, despite these advantages, they are less practical than a hatchback, and usually more expensive than a hatchback, but if you like the look of them then that could swing you towards buying a saloon car. If you’re thinking about buying a saloon just make sure the rear seats fold down, the boot opening is low and wide and floor in the back is fairly flat making it more comfortable for those sat in the middle.

Where to buy from?

Whichever car is best suited for you we at Grashion Automotive will be sure to help you as much as we can find the right car for you with no pushy sales techniques just honest advice and a great choice of quality cars. Want a closer look at a car you’ve seen online, we have full HD video’s of all our stock helping you decide which car is right for you before you even arrive. We’re able to do the video’s because our cars are of such good quality that we have nothing to hide and want to help make your buying experience easier. But don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews and video’s in both links below, rated 9.7/10 on Trustpilot.


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